People Behind It

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Let's us read about some of the famous graphic logo designers behind some of the world's most popular brands.

Brand: Apple

Designer: Rob Janoff

Rob Janoff is best known for designing the original rainbow colored Apple logo, The pictorial mark logo was an Apple with a chunk bitten out of it so that people do not mistake it for any other fruit.

Brand: Coca Cola

Designer: Frank Mason Robinson

Rob Janoff is the designer of the famous Coca Cola logo. The wordmark logo has distinctive cursive writing font.

Brand: Nike

Designer: Carolyn Davidson

Swoosh, the brand logo of Nike is one of the most recognizable brand logos in the world. It was designed by Carolyn Davidson while she was a student at Portland State University.

Brand: Chupa Chups

Designer: Salvador Dali

Chupa Chups is a famous Spanish brand of lollipops. Salvador Dali was the designer of the favorite children's confectionery brand.

Brand: I Love NY

Designer: Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser designed the iconic I Love NY logo. He was the first graphic designer to have received the National Medal of the Arts award from the then President of the United States, Barack Obama in 2009.